Edinburgh is a wonderful place to look at least once in your life. It is filled up with the fragrance of south Indian spices and has everything you need for a swell time.

Let's see the top 10 reasons why you should hit the Nilgiri Spice, Best Edinburgh Indian restaurants.

 1.    Eat famous Idli and Dosa


Bang on!! Our restaurant is popular for delicious Idli and Dosa. It considers as healthiest breakfast in which idli is a kind of savory rice cake made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils and rice. Dosa is a mixture of vegetables and available in the soupy form.

2.    Famous Prawns and Fish Pollichathu

An excellent recipe is employed to cook Prawns Pollichathu. With the addition of curry leaves and other ingredients, fish stock is placed over the flame. The restaurant offers phenomenal taste and you can’t go without stopping here.

 3.    South Indian adorable Spices

According to South Indian culture, your food has no taste if you forget to add spices to it. The essential spices used in cooking are:

·         Curry powder

·         Garam masala

·         Turmeric

·         Ginger

·         Mustard seeds

·         Green cardamom

·         Red chilly etc.

These consist of both hot and cool features like red chilly warm your body whereas green cardamom cools it.

4.    Traditional customs

Whether we live in a modern world but we stick with our roots even in Edinburgh. In our place, you’ll examine traditional customs that are still carried out. Like same south Indian outfits are worn by chefs and waiters, banana leaves are used to serve the meal. It shows how much you love the culture and follow Indian culture.

5.    Fresh food

Our food is made fresh every day with ingredients. We bring the best taste in our cooking to make your day happier and healthier. No matter which season is going on but giving you extraordinary is a part of our service.

6.    Friendly environment


Our motto is to make the atmosphere friendly and as efficient as possible. The waiters are patiently and happily take your order and serve the meal in the estimated time. A nice and lovely environment forces you to come back for another date. 

7.    Perfect food presentation

In a food restaurant, food plating is a central idea to keep guests happy as they experience your restaurant. People scan the taste before eating, so our creative plating can enhance both the appearance and the flavor of the food. 

8.    Health insights, reasons to add spices

South Indian food is well known because it contains healthy benefits like cinnamon have a refreshing taste, cloves to treat tooth the problem, black pepper enhances the production of hydrochloric acid to digest food, etc.

9.      Drinks


Fully licensed in-house beer is offered to boost up your dining experience. Get the popular homemade drinks and soft drinks like lassi, masala tea, hot and cold drinks according to your order.

10.    Takeaway facility

We’re not limited our options to just have a meal at our place. You’re most welcomed if you want to throw a party at your home and want our best Indian food in Edinburgh to please your guests.

Skip your work or put it aside, time to have a meal of your choice!!