If you’re in the beautiful city, Edinburgh; why adhere with one dish only when the exquisite menu of Nilgiri Spice is full of spices and different tastes. It is an authentic south Indian food restaurant –smell and most certainty the taste makes you feel you’re having a dish at south India.

 Our menu is completely dedicated to famous spices such as;

•    Ginger

•    Turmeric

•    Black pepper

•    Garam Masala

•    Mustard seeds

 After having famous Hyderabadi biryani in your plate you'll feel like taste buds are alive again which were demise earlier because of boring food. At the same time, a question might arise in your mind, isn’t all Indian food the same?

Reality is completely different, North Indian food has contrasting flavour what you have tasted in south Indian food. Our menu is designed by keeping in mind the popular south Indian meal and their traditional culture.


Dosa is a famous dish of S. Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is considered as breakfast recipe in S. India but nowadays it's blowing its taste all across the world. Dosa is made up from batter of ground rice and urad dal and mashed potatoes are stuffed at the middle of this dosa and its served with chutney and sambhar (gravy dish, cooked by mixing different vegetables).  If you order it, don’t ask for folk or spoons because have it with your hand is an extremely different experience.

South Indian Lunch and Dinner

The next coming dishes might bring water in your mouth but still move on!!

Chicken Vada is served at the dinner time to make you feel relax and pleasant after a hectic schedule. The mixture of south Indian spices & herbs with minced chicken breast is delicious to order and presentation forces you to say ‘ULTIMAte’. We guarantee the fragrance of freshly cooked chicken vada dish will stay longer in your memories.

Nilgiri Beef Dry Fry is the best to have at your lunch/dinner time. It's easy to cook but only southern recipes can bring out the actual flavour of it.

Separate the beef pieces into 1 or 2 groups and fry until it turns brown. Generally, the frying process takes 8 to 10 minutes but beyond this will make beef pieces harder. Pick the beef fry out in a bowl and mix the remaining ingredients in the same oil. At the last stage, well-prepared gravy mixes with fried beef and put it at high flame.

Tadka Daal

Healthiest Indian lunch: Tadka Daal with rice. Its also called Dal, pronunciation varies from region to region. Its basically dried pulses and nutritious enrich meal popular in Indian kitchen. It includes ingredients like Daal, tomato, small chopped onions, salt, oil, garlic, turmeric powder and to temper it, we can add hing, curry leaves, jeera, and mustard seeds. The tempered elements add flavour and aroma to it.

North Indians cook it with the addition of curry leaves, onion and tomatoes whereas in lower states of India, its mainly used to cook sambhar but yes both have completely different flavours. 

Goan Curry

In short, perfect seafood!! As it’s inspired from classic fish curry of Goa.

If you haven’t tasted it, go and have it now. The exotic mixture of tomato, ginger, chilli and garlic is messed with coconut milk and dish is finally garnished with mustard seeds. Feel like you’re enjoying this phenomenal dish at Goa beach.       

Your dish is ready to serve!!  

Traditional Customs

Banana leaf thali signifies south Indian culture. Rice, chutney, curry and few more dishes are accommodated over this small plate type leaf. Instead of spoons, it has been eaten using fingers and its good for the digestive system.

Our menu is spice enrich because our chef hails from south India. The best part is you have a chance to put your eyes out at the Indian takeaway menu too. We promise you’ll get the best taste here.

Fun is yet to come! Order delectable dish Now!! Best Indian takeaway Edinburgh...