The Indian cuisine is said to have the most bizarre and equally unique sweet dishes. Most of them include very comprehensive recipes. These recipes have survived through time and have been perfected by the expert chefs in order to preserve the delectable flavor. Food in Edinburgh or any city, as a matter of fact, may be tasty, but it’s unmatchable when it comes to Indian delicacies. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the most bizarre sweet dishes from the Indian cuisine, which are not only the right amount of sweet but also offer the much-needed flavor to your sweet tooth.


Desserts, in particular, are something that one can chow down on any occasion. Be it a birthday party or a promotion, you can always celebrate with a tub of chocolate ice cream. Let’s dive into the list of yummy sweets which will take you on a sweet joyride. If you aren’t drooling already, then these would do the job:


          Suttar Pheni: If you say it too many times, it’s going to start turning into a joke. Putting aside the funny name, Suttar Pheni is a kind of “Pheni” which are thin noodles. This dessert is made after hours and hours of effort in ‘ghee’ to add a lovely aroma. What adds to the delectable flavor is the fact that they’re drowning in sweet milk topped with a variety of almonds, cashews and other nuts.


         Malpua: This one is particularly famous. Being the Indian counterpart of pancakes, this delicious dessert is made my frying dough and then letting it sit in sugar syrup before being topped with a generous serving of “Rabri” which is a thicker form of condensed milk.This dessert will definitely melt in your mouth and take you right to dessert heaven!

         Chandrakala: If you’re not a fan of sweets, stop reading right now because this one is the sweetest of them all. This one is similar to another Indian dessert, which goes by the name of Gujjia. It got its name from the crescent shape it has. This one is made up of a covering of fried dough under which are layers of khoya and nuts. Khoya is simply milk, which has solidified after being cooked for a long time. This dessert is definitely the perfect treat.


         Chhena Murqi: Chhena refers to cottage cheese. Chhena Murqi are actually made by frying the cottage cheese dough in a generous amount of ghee and then letting it soak in sugar syrup. Cardomom powder is added to the syrup to give it that hint of sweetness and add to the aroma. This dessert is the quintessential treat that must not be missed. It’s so tiny that you can chow down a handful of these in a minute!


These were some of the strangest but sweetest desserts which could also be your ticket to diabetes, no kidding! These decadent treats will give you the most amazing feeling and are definitely a must-have. Even though these desserts are a small part of the repertoire of desserts, they’re absolutely sumptuous.