South Indian cuisine is nothing like the North Indian cuisine and honestly, that’s what makes it special. South Indian cuisine consists of crispy dosas, the scent of curry leaves and coconut lingering in the air and the taste of fresh chutneys made with the finest ingredients; all of which are served by the ever-so polite South Indian waiter, wearing a traditional ‘Lungi’, who does not believe in the concept of wearing pants. South Indian food is definitely comfort food at its best. You see, as you travel down towards the South, the flavors keep becoming so unique that by the time you’re at the very bottom, you would have tried a plethora of dishes. The cuisine is widely inspired by the history and rich culture of South India. Needless to say, South-Indians come from a colorful and culturally-enriched background. If you’ve been searching for the best dishes to order at a South Indian restaurant in Edinburgh UK, Fret not! These are some of the most popular South-Indian dishes which you cannot afford to miss:


?     Pan-seared Prawns: Belonging to Kerala, these are locally known as “Chemmeen Pollichathu”. Now, that is a tongue-twister in itself. These prawns are generally freshly-caught and are then cooked in a pan in a saucy mix of chutneys with fresh coconut and tamarind as the main ingredients. This quintessential dish is absolutely delectable and sumptuous.


?     Kerala Fish Curry: We’ve all had fish curry at some point in our lives.  (What are you waiting for, if you haven’t had this already?) Kerala Fish Curry is nothing like the rest. Like most dishes in the South, this one is made with freshly caught fish which is tossed in a gravy made with coconut milk, sardines, tamarind and a number of fine ingredients. It takes absolutely delicious and is served with a bowl of rice.


?     Appam: This one is the south-Indian counterpart of crepes. It’s made with a batter of rice and coconut milk. It is served with a plethora of chutneys. It’s a popular breakfast option which must not be missed.


?     Cheera Thoran: This one is a nutrient-laden dish which is made by stir-frying red or sometimes, green spinach. It is a very simple dish which also has grated coconut. Being a very versatile dish, This can be had with a bowl of rice or a wheat dosa or even a couple of chapatis.


?     Idli: Idlis are definitely some of the most popular South-Indian delicacies which are famous across the globe. They’re extremely versatile and can be customized according to your tastes or requirements. On a diet? Have an idli made with oats. Want to get your daily dose of nutrition? Have a spinach or carrot Idli. The choices are literally endless. Idlis can be had as a snack, or for breakfast, or even as an entire meal. You can even toss them in a gravy to turn it into a completely different dish altogether.

?    Dosa: Made with a fermented batter of rice and legumes, this is another popular delicacy which cannot be missed. These are extremely versatile and can be had all by themselves or with some coconut chutney. You can also have them with Sambhar or Rasam or with different kinds of stuffings.