Bringing Seafood to Your Table Brings Harmony to The Entire Family. Don’t Miss Out on The Natural Taste of Fish or Seafood.

Scotland’s imprint on the UK’s seafood locale is something to write home about. For when it's straight away from the sea and infused with passion, the results are surpassing. Scotland is a thriving fishing heritage and caters to all sea foodies with authentic Scottish seafood eateries.   

Edinburgh, the Scottish capital is home to the thriving Indian restaurant scene. The city is famed for its varied scenes of restaurants, eateries, and takeaways. The city boasts an abundance of Indian restaurants that is almost as diverse as Indian cuisine itself.

Those who are in search of something authentic won't be disappointed either as Edinburgh represents the nation's varied cuisine. You can expect to come across restaurants serving South Indian dishes and seafood specialities. Nilgiri Spice, located in the heart of the capital, on the Tollcross area in between the City centre and Haymarket of Edinburgh offers a contemporary take on South Indian cuisine and offers a concise and carefully considered menu to serve delicate Indian food in Edinburgh

Highlights of the menu include a plethora of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood varieties that have become favourites of the food lovers to sink their teeth into. We possess the unbreakable cultural understanding that favour authenticity, transparency, and most of all honest and natural taste of seafood.

Our expert team of in-house chefs use only fresh ingredients to serve the best food in our fashionable, welcoming, and bright dining scene. 'Spices are the chums of physicians and the pride of chefs'. We embrace the South Indian culture and serve a broad range of dishes flavoured and seasoned with aromatic spices. We use the spices imported from the Nilgiri Mountains of the Western Ghats. Spices add flavour and aroma and they can modify any meal by adding a scale of flavours, from a hint of sweetness to a kick of heat.

The extensive selection of curries and our executive chef A. Kumar's signature dishes are the attention driver and favourite on the menu, while there are enough vegan or vegetarian dishes. Being a family-run business, our fresh food ethos has always been to source top-quality Scottish fish, vegetables, meat for our dishes to help promote local businesses.

We, at Nilgiri Spice endeavour, to ensure food quality on a daily basis and constantly maintain high standards. The Nilgiri Spice is covered with murals and artworks evince the South Indian culture. The chefs in Nilgiri Spice kitchen have expertise in South India's rich and famous culinary.

Not in a mood for slaving over a hotpot? No worries - we serve you with passion and love. You can order your favourite food over the phone or via food apps. Experience the royal treat from South Indian Takeaway Edinburgh.

Nilgiri Spice is an upheaval of flavours. Sea foodies can eat up seasonal and authentic food using well-prepared and locally prepared produce. Hang out with your beloved in Nilgiri Spice, don’t miss out on the natural taste of fish or seafood.