2019’s Fringe festival is full of surprises. The good news is, the celebration of art and culture for three weeks in August will keep you exploring a bunch of things from morning till night. And most importantly a delectable meal will boost an energy level of food lovers to enjoy every single section of the festival.   

If you are visiting Edinburgh very first time, we feel immense pleasure to inform you that you have landed at the right time. The fragrance of a Fringe festival is all around in the air to make you excited for an event.

Let's dive into the electrified world that makes you restrict to go anywhere. With this post, we are going to discuss the 10 most desired things you never afford to skip.

So what are you waiting for? Move-in.

1.    Accommodation

Obvious, hotel prices will rise to another height when you heard the festival is going to celebrate. Accommodation price shoots up during the Fringe season too. So in advance, book your favorite hotel, apartment, and a room. A couple of low to high budget hotels are available around event venues so research the best place and check-in before you skip the perfect residence for your entire tour.

 2.    Delicious Food For Gourmand

Art alone cannot make you survive for complete three weeks.

When your tummy embarks rumbling, understand you are hungry and want something healthy. The festive season allows you to go beyond your regular diet roster, after all its world’s biggest festival. Smell the South Indian Food Restaurant – it will add spicy flavor in your life. Although a couple of restaurants exist around you, Nilgiri Spice will give you extremely well taste. The popular south Indian dishes like Idli Dosa, Fish Curry, and Prawns Kuzhambu are enriched with taste.  

 3.    Tickets

On an average scale, the Fringe festival tickets are around £15. You can get some discount coupons and automatically the price will reduce to half.

Apart from this, there are some other options available in the first week of a show to get some 'off' on your ticket. In the initial week, performers frequently offer a preview discount. Moreover, walk along the street to enjoy amazing street performers and at the same, theatre performers step out on the street to perform previews of their shows.

 4.    Theatre Performances

This festival belongs to talented performers. The theatre performances are usually around an hour. But some shows can run around 90 minutes. All performances are line up to telecast based on a different subject. Artists bring a smile on your face by adding a great sense of humor in each act and on the contrary, they make you cry with some sensitive topics.

Come and put your efforts to make the audience cry, laugh, feel and understand. We ensure you collect experience that remains in light and memories until the next celebration.   

 5.    BBC – The National News Channel

The national news channel is back in the list of 2019 Fringe events. For more live shows and broadcasts, this news channel is welcomed by a Fringe festival. The top BBC shows bring art festival all around the world and you can take its advantage at the heart of Edinburgh - George Heriot’s School. Whether the online application process is closed, still, you can get a ticket that is available on the BBC info site for a limited time.

Keep in mind tickets are non-transferable. Bring a photocopy of your ID card to capture your seat. Make sure your ID card and ticket must contain the same name. In any case, if both documents have a variable name, we are eligible to reject your application.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/shows/edinburgh_festival_2019

 6.         Drinks