Edinburg Hogmanay celebrates one of the largest and most exuberant New Year’s Eve in the world; Hogmanay sees thousands of people attending the street parties that are held in world-famous Scottish cities including Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. In this piece, we’re going to tell y’all all the things that you should know about Edinburgh’s New Year celebrations.

Here you go need to know about Hogmanay, where the word comes from and how it is celebrated:

What is Hogmanay?

It is an annual event that takes place in Scotland. Thousands of people gather there to spend the most astonishing New Year eve, The event starts on the 30th of December or early, which often gets continue on 1 and 2 January, both of which are bank holidays in Scotland. Although the exact origins are still even unknown to Edinburgh’s people, some of believing that the celebration was introduced by the Vikings to Scotland’s, who invaded Scotland in the 8th and 9th Centuries. And also says that the Norse raiders would celebrate the Winter Solstice with lively parties, a tradition that’s continued throughout the years for Scots celebrating the New Year. Whereas some of narrates the different story, you know that everybody like to create his one.


Where does the word Hogmanay come from?

As we all know that the 31 December”, “New Year’s Eve” or “the last day of the year” is defined as the etymology of the word, which is nonetheless a topic of debate. Some believe that the word homogony was originated in France, while others believing that it got Anglo-Saxon origins. The name may come from the Anglo-Saxon ‘haleg monath’ meaning holy month,” The director of the Institute for Northern Studies at the University of the Highlands Dr. Donna Heddle has told the BBC. “But still the most likely source seems to be French. In Normandy presents given at Hogmanay were ‘hoguignetes’.”

Wanna celebrate your Christmas Eve in Hogmanay?

As mentioned the festival begins on 30 December with a traditional torchlight procession that passes through the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, which lightens every home of dinburg with holy light. If you manage to see that march, you would probably feel the same thrill that every religious person has at that time. Thousands of spectators enjoy the dancers and musicians making their way down the city’s Royal Mile, starting from Edinburgh Castle. A huge ticketed street party also takes place afterward. This year’s event is going to feature music from the extraordinary The Snuts, Vanives and Mark Ronson. 

Moreover, who doesn’t want to have delicious food in the New Year eve? For that, you can take steps toward the many continental restaurants in the street. Try out something new to explore. You can have south Indian food in Nilgiri located in 14-14a, Brougham St, Edinburgh EH3 9JH, United Kingdom. It is not the end, because similar festivities will also take place across the rest of Scotland, with cities including Glasgow and Aberdeen holding parties.

We hope that our piece helped you to know the marvellous New Year celebrations in the Edinburgh. Though it was not enough to mention all the events that usually happen in Scotland, but we tried to give you a brief overview of the most captivating New Year celebration around the world.

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