“Most seafood's should be simply threatened with heat and then celebrated with joy” A famous quote by Jeff Smith draws us towards world of seafoods.

Depending upon types, they are consumed raw, semi-cooked or cooked. But when they are cooked at NILGIRI SPICE Restaurant in Edinburgh with the blend of the spices directly imported from Nilgiri, the southern part of India, one cant resists oneself enjoying luscious food, especially when prepared by our chef, with experience of over 25 years and delivered with solicitude.

Yes! This is what we serve at NILGIRI SPICE Indian restaurant in Edinburgh. Astounding and appetizing seafood with veritable south Indian tang, which not only is cooked with natural oil but also keeping in mind to preserve the health benefits one is going to get from these sea creatures.

Coming to seafood’s they are available in varieties but the thing which disparate them is the way in which they are being cooked by our chef by using the right ingredients with adequacy. This is where we stand apart. We here at NILGIRI SPICE not only provide varieties but some of the notable dishes which you will only experience here.

Some of our unique seafood dishes are

·         Chettinad Mix Seafood (Chef’s Special)

·         Mixed seafood Delight

·         Mixed Seafood Korma

·         Chettinad special Prawn(Chef’s Special)

·         King prawn Mangalore

·         Prawn Aleppey

·         Kumarakom Konju Kadai

·         King Prawn Biryani

·         Goan Fish Curry

·         Meen moilee

·         Salmon Mappas

·         Malabar fish curry

·         Nilgiri Mulakil-ittathu(Chef’s Special)

·         Tandoori King Prawns

·         Nilgiri Mixed Platter

And many more specially prepared with Nilgiri species.

When talking about dishes how can we forget to mention our signature seafood dishes which makes NILGIRI SPICE one of the best of its kind in Edinburgh. Yes! We here at NILGIRI SPICE provides signature dishes like

Prawns and Fish Pollichathu

One thing which makes this dish unique in Edinburgh is the manner in which it is served. We still use banana leaf parcel to maintain both tradition and taste. Prawn Pollichathu is a fabled south Indian dish in which prawns and curry are assorted to provide best tang and health benefits which comprise of following

In general each prawn provides us

·         25 grams of protein

·         Vitamin B6, B12, Niacin etc.

·         Sodium

·         Omega-3, which lowers blood pressure, thus reducing the probability of heart attack, in simple words it keeps our heart healthy.

Moreover when a dish is prepared utter importance is given to hygiene, as this is our prime factor to consider and for this prawn and fish are washed properly. Then they are soaked in spices to add extra traditional flavor.

Further the addition of Nilgiri species like curry leaves, turmeric, and special chili powder during cooking adds a unique south Indian taste. At last coconut milk is poured and mixed which is further followed by heating of wrapped content in banana leaf parcel for quirky taste.

              “No matter how many dishes you had tried so far but if you haven’t tried these sea food dishes at NILGIRI SPICE in Edinburgh then you hadn’t experience real tang yet”