As Christmas approaches, we are sure your preparations are almost over. You are probably ready for it by now, but are you ready for some mind-blowing Christmas experience? If yes, then we are here to help you. We at Nilgiri spice are famous for our most authentic South Indian food. This Christmas, we will familiarize our customers to a number of different Indian cuisines. They can see how varied the Indian cuisine is. From tasty spices to healthiest food, it covers every aspect of cooking.

You are probably wondering why we would ask you to give up on your favourite food and try our South Indian cuisine. Let us tell you; during the whole Christmas Eve, you eat all sorts of food because to be true December is all you can eat competition. In this competition you don’t want to lag behind, so you fill your body with everything you can eat. And right after that comes the New Year resolution of staying healthy and fit, with all the fatty food you are prone to weight gain, that’s where we come to the rescue.

Why Visit Us?

At Nilgiri we offer you the most authentic South Indian food which not only tastes great but also helps you keep yourself healthy. The ingredients that we use to cook the food have taste plus health benefits. Nilgiri is the hub of spices and natural ingredients. Have a look at our Christmas Menu once:

Our Thattukada menu is the main attraction of customers. It has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for all types of foodies.

Mixed Pakoda & Bonda, Mini Idli Sambhar, Chilli Paneer and Chilli Gobhi are our most special dishes for vegetarians. For non-vegetarians our Christmas menu has Chicken 65, Chicken vada, Chilli Chicken, and Chicken Tikka. These dishes are some of our specialities that will for sure entice your taste buds, and these are only for starters. Come down to the restaurant and explore what the main course holds for you.

Did you know that Idli has been chosen as one of the healthiest breakfast by WHO? Yes it is true, and here at Nilgiri we are offering a 3-course meal at £ 21.95 with all the tasty and healthy food items. Book a table to know more.


Our Christmas Offers

Our team is very excited to make your Christmas even merrier. We are here with our best offers to make your gala even more happening.

We are offering a complimentary glass of house wine every time you book a table. Our three-course menu has various options you can choose from, also we serve three tasting dishes per person in the main menu.


We also help you host your grand party with our different party plans. You can host themed parties; it will be colourful and unique. And since it is a season of red and white you can keep that as a theme.

You can also arrange fun games and surprises for your loved ones with our assistance.

Wish you Merry Christmas from team Nilgiri Spice.