Get ready for your weekend more interesting with this delicious food. Order online at Nilgiri Spice

Edinburgh is inspired by Indian culture and eminent for plenty of eateries and takeaways that serve India's most adored food. So, the Indian food lovers of Edinburgh will find enough comfort spots to sink their teeth into. South Indian restaurants and takeaways in Edinburgh have something yet to be discovered.      

Nilgiri Spice is the gorgeous, intimate, and family-run space that serves authentic South Indian cuisine. Based in the Tollcross area in between the City centre and Haymarket, we offer our diners a huge speciality of dishes from India's southern province. Treat your taste buds to something special in Nilgiri Spice by ordering from our unique menu of vegetarian, chicken, seafood, lamb, and fish preparations.

Nilgiri Spice offers a full spectrum of drink and food experiences and is set to become the go-to place for sophisticated yet relaxed drinking and dining in Edinburgh. Many Indian Spices have been around for thousands of years, you can find all of these and more at Nilgiri Spice seeped in a rich history. Our executive chef A. Kumar and our adept team of chefs are based from South India and known for their rich culinary expertise and years of practice.

We vigorously endeavour to create new recipes, expanding our menus and implementing new cooking techniques to provide something for every palate. Diners can enjoy our relieved Indian cultural ambience. The ambience of the restaurant is very convivial and relaxed. Nilgiri Spice has earned acclaim among Edinburgh best Indian restaurants.

This creative hub has been designed to offer delicious healthy dishes from breakfast through to early evening. The restaurant gives the clientele the opportunity to relax, unwind and of course, eat, at an unhurried pace within a space accessible to all. The menu, which reflects the 'South Indian’ concept, will showcase a mix of modern, traditional, and sharing plates, incorporating locally sourced ingredients and unique concept dishes flavoured and garnished with real spices from the Nilgiri Hills.

Nilgiri Spice restaurant is proud to hand over the unexplored experience through each fare. The subtle and spicy combination of coconut, rice, lentils, and topical spices gives South Indian food a distinctive taste.

All dishes are always freshly prepared for an Indian taste sensation unlike anywhere else in the capital. At Nilgiri Spice, we aim to proffer an experience that has to be savoured and shared. The menu will change frequently to exhibit a commitment to seasonality and local sourcing. It's our menu that brought our customers back to find out dishes that never devoured in Scotland. 

Edinburgh is a great place for dining out. We do things differently! our emphasis is on the quality of the food we serve; our aim is to enlighten. Order your favourite food from Nilgiri Spice and cherish your weekends with your beloved and travel with us to the Indian subcontinent. Capture the authentic flavours of South Indian cooking, order online and reveal the vibrancy of the Southern frontier of India - all artistically presented.