Have You Placed Your Order Yet?  Nilgiri Spice Restaurant Food Packaging Helps Keep Your Food Warm, Intact, and Ready-To-Eat

Set amidst the Tollcross area the in-between City centre and Haymarket, we offer diners a wide array of specialty dishes from India's southern region. We are extremely flattered and delighted to serve our unique menu of lamb, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian preparations.   

Any recipe is as strong as its ingredients and that's why we go out of our way to source only the tastiest and naturally available. The extensive takeaway menu has become favorites amongst discerning customers. Edinburgh is a great city for eating out and Nilgiri Spice restaurant is an ideal spot to enjoy the ravishing South Indian fare.    

At Nilgiri Spice, our dedicated executive chef A. Kumar, and his adept team cook everything to order and only make use of the fresh ingredients sourced from the best local suppliers. From spicy and appetizing starters to side dishes, vegetarian to mixed seafood, prawns to chicken, fish, and lamb, and our ineluctable collection of vast varieties of biryani and Nilgiri tandoor recipes seasoned with authentic spices imported from the Nilgiri Mountains of the Western Ghats make Nilgiri Spice the best Indian takeaway in Edinburgh.

Our takeaway mission in Nilgiri Spice restaurant is to affectionately cook food that is inspired by South India's most-adored dishes. Indian recipes that have remained untouched for centuries and the traditional recipes that reflect the South Indian culture and tradition are indeed an experience to be savored and shared. 

It's an experience that brought people back time and time again to discover dishes never before encountered in any Edinburgh Indian Restaurants. Encompassing the states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, South India is a land with unique cuisine. The South Indian food is light yet nourishing. We at Nilgiri Spice, are proud to present an undiscovered experience in every meal.

Indian takeaway menus are traditionally huge, sprawling with hundreds of dishes, and they are somehow similar to one another. We, however, have made selecting your dish refreshingly easy, by simplifying our menu to include the dishes not just authentic and delectable but distinct from one another in taste and appearance as well.

Amazing and heavenly Indian takeaway food isn't any good if it shows up limp, late, and cold! We are dedicated to getting your food to you with proper food packaging that helps keep your food warm, intact, and ready for consumption. Our excellent team of chefs constantly strives to extend menus, create new recipes, implement seasonal ingredients and modern cooking techniques to ensure always the best are delivered to our legitimate customers.

We have been successful in building a local fan base in Edinburgh serving fresh Indian food for our diners. Diners can also enjoy the calm and tranquil dine-in experience amidst the Indian traditional architecture setting. The relaxed and stylish interior setting has earned Nilgiri Spice its reputation as one of the best South Indian restaurants in Edinburgh.

Have you placed your order yet? Feel free to call to confirm your order or order via food apps. Enjoy the best food, you won't regret it!