The best part of travelling is exploring and eating your way through a new city. Better yet is discovering the must-try delicacies of certain cities. The Scottish food trend is all about Angus beef and steak pies. Amidst this, the capital of Scotland Edinburgh is prominent for its varied dining scene and plenty of different restaurant and takeaways serving a wide variety of curries to choose from including a great range of Indian outlets. So that the curry lovers can eat their way around the world without venturing more.   

Edinburgh is full of diverse flavours and cuisines which is reflected perfectly in Edinburgh's Indian restaurant scene. From tasty Indian tapas to modern subcontinental dishes in a fine dining setting, or for all your loyal curry favourites, there is absolutely an establishment for every taste in Scotland's capital. The Nilgiri Spice restaurant sums up a city’s identity on a single plate. The restaurant is in an area that provides key connections to other parts of the city centre and Haymarket. The top restaurant in Scotland's capital serves the most iconic south Indian dishes to sink your teeth into. This top Indian restaurant in Edinburgh has the seal of approval with wonderful vegan and non-vegan cuisines.

It's bright, fashionable, and welcoming with a great extensive menu that throws up the fascinating ways that food pervades and crosses cultures. The delightful menu itself is an attention driver among the food lovers of Edinburgh. Nilgiri Spice is a celebration of south Indian cuisine that soothes, nourishes and sustains, whether you choose a masala tea to warm you up, spices that kick, or vegan-friendly dishes to nourish the body and soul.

Curries are cooked with love and provide food for the soul. Chef A. Kumar and his expert team serve the best gifts through each fare with utmost love and care. The varieties of dishes prepared amidst the hustle-bustle of the cooking pots at our kitchen are aimed to stave off the munchies of each and every customer who loves good food.  The recipes braised in the real spices are imported from Nilgiri Mountains form part of the Western Ghats, India embraces love and it pleases every palate.

You can expect honest food cooked well and friendly service from a family-led team at Nilgiri Spice restaurant. Try out the most famous signature dishes at the great venue for a light lunch or a get-together with friends with a focus on sharing. Freshly prepared foods warmly welcome Edinburgh residents and visitors from across the globe. Nilgiri Spice is the simplest restaurant with the strongest of concepts and a cosy atmosphere and deserves a soft spot on your list of South Indian restaurant in Edinburgh. If you feel hungry, head to Nilgiri Spice restaurant to savour comfort food from the broad varieties of curries to choose from in a beautiful restaurant with unique stories.