The varieties that you get to experience in India don't widen to its culture, topography, religion, and lifestyle alone, but a huge part of its cuisine too. The specialities that you get to wallow in this country are definitely savoury, delectable, tantalizing, and every positive adjective that’s related to food. Rich, spicy, salty, sweet, – you have it all here in India.   


The country is a heaven for foodies with lip-smacking south-Indian and north Indian cuisine. Feel the blast of flavours that are definitely going to play in your mouth. Nilgiri Spice, the authentic south Indian eatery in the Capital of Scotland, where the South Indian food ticks the boxes of being hot, spicy, and fragrant. Though Edinburgh houses a plethora of eateries serving the south Indian flavours, Nilgiri Spice has been toiling to impress with our diverse menu, inspired by our South Indian roots curated by our experienced chefs with their years of culinary expertise. 

At Nilgiri Spice, we understand that food is what the heart and soul find comfort in, and that comfort is what we endeavour to bring to our patrons. The carefully thought-out menu is personified with the use of imported spices showcasing our chef A. Kumar's immense talent that the authenticity of the food served. It's time to get a bit spicy! Spices play a significant role in the way we cook and devour food around the world. Spices used in the bewitching menu are imported from the Nilgiri mountains of Western Ghats and each has its own flavouring, essence, and health benefit as well.