Tourists call it the talent of south Indian chefs, local call it the use of aromatic spices!


What is it actually that makes tourists come back to South Indian restaurant in Edinburgh?


The capital city of Scotland is famed for national museums, scotch whiskey experience, royal garden, and south Indian food. But in this particular writing section, we will explore the genuine reasons why tourists desperate to have south Indian style food on their trip to Edinburgh.


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1. South Indian spices have health benefits with marvelous taste in the food. 


Cinnamon is very diabetes-friendly and it reduces the symptoms of insulin resistance.  

Cloves contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and heal vomiting, indigestion and loose motions.

Black pepper improves the production of hydrochloric acid that the stomach requires in the digestion process.


2. Love for Dosa will leave all the strict diet behind. Crispy dosa with sloppy chutneys will boost the craving of Indian food. Moreover, it contains carbohydrates that are essential to carry out body functioning.


3. Popular Thattukada menu, roadside street food in Kerala. Tourists are desperate to have delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of this menu.


4. The flavor of dried herbs will leave no stone unturned to please you. Curry leaves are the best to amplify taste and a healthy lifestyle. While on your traveling if you want to maintain your diet and manner of living, Nilgiri Spice has an abundance of resources to help you in all this.   


5. The scent of southern spices has no comparison. This is a true fact that most people enter an Indian restaurant in Edinburgh just by sensing the mesmerizing fragrance of south Indian spices. It builds up a pleasant environment to have a fantastic meal. 


6. Traditional cooking methods still exist in society and outsiders love the food made up of in house techniques instead of modern ones.