No chance!! Food lovers can afford to skip South Indian food in Edinburgh. There is no myth in this statement that South Indian cuisine is a platform to bring experimental food in your plate along with the same spice and taste. Most cook hails from south India has got cooking skills from their ancestors and some passionate registered in a record because of their self-growing talent.  

This article discloses the signature dishes of Nilgiri Spice, the Best Edinburgh Indian restaurants. Let's begin with the mouth-watering menu.

 Nilgiri beef Dry Fry

Kerala style beef fry is delicious to order. As many of you think beef fry does not seem Indian food but it is. Like Kerala is famous for natural ingredients and to cook beef dry fry the ingredients we add to it are turmeric and chilly powder, onion, coconut oil, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, etc. Slow cooking is its best element to evoke taste. The mixture of all these spicy components won’t make you wait to have it later. Nilgiri is famous for this style of cooking. The taste definitely takes you another world, it's yummy!!

Prawns And Fish Pollichathu

Prawns And Fish Pollichathu is another taste enrich food of Nilgiri. The traditional cooking culture is followed to serve this meal, don’t be shocked!! The banana leaf parcel is still carried out. Chilly, turmeric type ingredients are used to put it on a flame. Prawns and fish are soaked in spices for some time so that it attains the spicy flavour and at last cook it on high heat. For an extreme well taste, we pour coconut milk and mix well. When the whole content is wrapped in banana leaf parcel, then it again heats up for another few minutes and at last ready to eat.

Mysore Masala Dosa

Mysore Masala Dosa is veg food of south India and famous all across the world. The mixture of a crisp and soft bite comes up with a golden brown colour. It attains a golden color because of cooked rice or poha. It’s incredible in taste and the best part is its good for your health.

Coconut Crusted King Prawns, Lamb Tikka, and Chicken Masala Dosa are another well-known dishes of Nilgiri Spice. 

South Indian food is an ultimate hub for a taste. Eat the food which makes you healthy. You’ll find more you try South Indian recipes more you fall in love with it.

Fun to watch cooking south Indian food!!