Restaurant Management has gone through several challenges such as customer satisfaction, public relations, bond with staff and full customer service. An intelligent manager is the backbone of a restaurant, he/she has the capability and strength to handle staff as well as the customer's issue.

Sometimes, an owner plays the role of a manager in the restaurant.

Under the management rules, there are some significant factors that you should keep in your mind.

Customer satisfaction and experience


Your customer is your responsibility for the next couple of hours. While on duty, your first concern should be the satisfaction of your customers with food and other services. The moment customers enter or exit is the golden chance for staff to impress their customers by serving them a delicious meal, with greeting words like Hello, welcome and thank you.

Your customer is always right – fix this statement in your mind. Even if you disagree with their words, it depends upon you, how you handle the whole situation and successful to manipulate them.

The next moment, your dealing can make or break the customer experience. If they have a good experience, they'll come back to your door, otherwise, they'll turn to another stunning place for a meal.

Work should be clear

From the waiter to the chef to the manager, everyone must be cleared with their roles and responsibilities. Find out the best person for a specific duty, they will help the restaurant run smoothly and even take part to enhance the services better.

Maintain the cash flow

The total amount coming from the customer’s pocket and the amount of cash spending on kitchen and staff should be recorded on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Understand the cash flow or finance properly, it will assist you to manage the whole restaurant and if you fail to do so, you’ll put yourself in great risk.

Upgrade your menu


A change is a rule of nature and frequently, upgrades your menu with price, discount coupons, special dishes, and complimentary sweet dish. It's important that the menu should be well decorated with low prices and heavy profits. Moreover, add the Indian takeaway menu in the list for long-lasting taste.  

Strategy to expand sales

At the closing time, calculate the total profit and loss (if any) and according to your current scenario makes a strategy that will help you to expand the sales. A growing restaurant has all the resources like food, staff and kitchen tools and they’re sufficient to bring heavy profit in your bank account.    


Running or managing a restaurant is very difficult - Hiring and firing responsibilities, to keep an eye out on all the staff members and tracking sales. A professional manager is capable enough to manage the restaurant in one place.