Apart from fish, prawn exists at top of the under-the-sea list, unpredictable and delicious taste it emits when cooked with South Indian style. Fry it, mix with gravy, steam it and apply other South Indian cooking formula to get its real taste. Disappointed? You haven’t got a chance to try every sea creature, but fewer can decorate your plate and prawn is one out of that.

The South Indian cuisine can awaken your feeling with its assorted spices. Few prawn dishes have successfully removed the fever of veg food and Prawn Pollichathu is at first preference. We know the name of prawn dishes brings water in your mouth. So, without wasting much more time, spare a few minutes of your day and read delicious South Indian prawn dishes in detail.

Prawn Pollichathu:

It's an iconic South Indian dish in which prawns are intermixed with curry to shake-up a new flavour. In this, no doubt prawns are a centralized ingredient but spices are not lacking anywhere to leave its impression. The dish has high health benefits such as:

·         Each prawn holds 25 grams of protein, in short, we call it protein enrich the dish

·         It contains vitamin B6, B12, and Niacin  

·         Good source of sodium

·         Abundant of omega-3 fatty acids, good for the heart

The Prawn Pollichathu is prepared with a healthy recipe in which ingredients like chilli powder, turmeric, salt, curry leaves, some fish stock are collected to form a gravy. Before adding a prawn make sure, you wash it properly or deeply. It is considered a great Indian food in Edinburgh to give you a delightful taste.

Fried Prawns:

The fried prawn is a famous dish of Kerala and it's going to be your favourite if you’re not a fan of gravy. The complete Kerala flavour is originated from its fragrance. Mustard seeds, turmeric, coconut oil, and fiery chillies combined & heated over a flame to turn prawns into the golden-brown shade. It will be count as great mid-night munchies. 

Koliwada Prawns:

The fresh and crispy flavour you can enjoy with deep-fried Koliwada Prawns. Huge appreciation deserves by ingredients like garlic, ginger, lime juice, and cayenne pepper to make it really wonderful in taste. With a bottle of beer, it creates a perfect scene for you.

Prawn Pepper-Garlic Kuzhambu:

If you’re getting bored with idli and dosa, try Tamil Nadu based Prawn Pepper-Garlic Kuzhambu. Its simmering smell with spices, jeera, and pepper will take you to another world before taking its first spoon. Once you taste it, you wouldn’t resist yourself to try it for another more time. It turns into golden brown when cooked in tangy tamarind spiced with the addition of some aromatic herbs. Within 20 to 25 minutes, a dish is ready to serve you.

The Nilgiri Spice has introduced, Cuisine a la carte menu, which indicates that you can step into a restaurant to have your meal in the South Indian environment by paying a certain amount, and on the other side; you can switch to a takeaway option with another price. But in both cases, you’ll get rich South Indian prawn flavour.