Depending on the type of food, the cooking style may vary; it can either be boiled or properly cooked. But when the food is prepared at Nilgiri Spice with the authenticity of South Indian spices, it is hard to resist it. The taste is heavenly and enticing which leaves you wanting more.

Our most experienced chefs have created a new Indian Kerala Combo to enthrall your taste buds. Taste it once and you are bound to be left longing for more. It tastes as if you can never get enough of it. 


Complete Menu and the Level of Spiciness in Each Dish: 


Appam (2) + Chicken/Lamb Stew + Coconut Rice £13.95/14.95

Appam (2) + Kuttanad Duck Roast + Coconut Rice £15.95

Appam (2) + Konju (Prawns) Curry + Lemon Rice £15.95

Kappa (Cassava) + Shappu Meen (Fish) Curry + Boiled Rice £14.95

(Rice can be replaced with Naan or porata)


Stew is mild but still, it gives you the complete taste of curry which is cooked in coconut milk. Duck roast and Konju curry contain full flavors of spices and it is medium. And last but not the least, fish and Casava are cooked with extra spices and can range from medium to hot. Our staff can adjust the level of spices in your food according to your wish upon being told so.


Why is Kerala Combo Best For You?

The Kerala Combo Meals are prepared with precision and great attention to detail. There are several cuisines out there and you can eat whatever you want but we here at Nilgiri Spice make sure that we blend taste with health. We care for our foodie guests and we try our best to provide them the best taste without compromising their health.


Besides, summer is here and you need to keep your summer body ready for your beach days. No one would want to go outside with a bulging stomach. We gain a lot of weight during the winters and as the summer approaches, we need to get back into shape. We are aware that even with all that dieting and health consciousness you may crave something spicy yet healthy. That is where our menu comes into play, we provide you with the most delectable dishes that will satisfy your cravings without ignoring your health.


Every food tells a story and we are sure that you will begin one with us. We provide you with the best food and wine collection with the best ambiance. You can plan your parties, private meetings or even your date nights with us. We promise to make your every visit extra special. We have also got the best in house wine and beer collection for your casual weekends. 


Why Should You Try Our South Indian Cuisine?