South Indian dishes are broadly diverse (and not to mention delicious too!) thanks to the variety of culture and flavors. South Indian cuisine is constantly put on foodie lists all over the world. The cuisine is so delectable that for non-veterens, making the right decision for a meal may be difficult. 

Spices give life to a dish and It makes mealtime memorable. One of the best Edinburgh Indian restaurants, Nilgiri Spice, strives to make all the food lovers on a flavourful, beautiful, and spicy trip to taste real natural spices. Come and fall in love with South Indian Cuisine! 

Indian food can never be devoid of the varied spices that create delectable magic. We use the finest of authentic spices, imported directly from the Nilgiri Mountains, to make our food fiery hot and gives it that iconic, distinct and wonderful aroma. Our chef A.Kumar and his team are popular for their culinary adventures across South India.

It’s no secret that India has an impressive food pallet, and in every region, you travel: new culinary discoveries await. There are vast differences between the cooking techniques in different areas of the subcontinent. We in between the busy clatter of pots and pans from our kitchen aim to serve that distinct South Indian taste with a mastery of spice. 

At Nilgiri Spice, we believe that each spice has its own identity, is unique in color, flavor, and medicinal properties. We make every effort to bring that to each and every plate by implementing modern techniques and seasonal ingredients. Our Adept management team ensure our restaurant is well-maintained providing a spotless and soothing ambiance combined with great customer service.               

South Indian spicy recipes From Nilgiri Spice’s very own, chef A. Kumar:

Looking for something made with extra love? The captain of Nilgiri Spice restaurant, chef A Kumar, a Professional Chef with 25 years of extensive experience in South Indian Cuisine has crafted the following Indian cuisine that is continually on foodie lists all across world and no wonder, with the variety of flavors and regions, Indian food is vastly diverse, and not to mention delicious! with care.

 1. Nilgiri Mulakil-ittathu

 Nilgiri Mulakil-ittathu is one of the chef's special recipes. It is a very spicy dish of fresh fish prepared in the most traditional cooking style especially in Kerala. In this preparation, fresh fish seasoned with lemon juice, spices, and herbs is then slow-cooked to release the flavor and aroma into the sauce.

 2. Lamb/Gosht Pepper Masala

 One of the most admired food items specially dedicated to all spice lovers. Lamb pan-fried with chilli, onion, ginger and flavored with black pepper.

 3. Lamb Nilgiri

Lamb Nilgiri is a chef's special recipe prepared using 21 different spices from Nilgiri hills to give you the finest taste. A well-seasoned lamb is slowly cooked to make it tender and thus absorbs all the flavors of spices.

4. Nadan Aadu Curry

Nadan Aadu Curry is a chef's special preparation of lamb mixed with peppers, onions, roasted cumin seeds, and south Indian herbs.

 5. Chicken Chettinad

Chettinad chicken is one of the most adorable food recipes. The boneless pieces of chicken cooked with aromatic curry leaves, mustard seeds, tomatoes, ground spices, and coconut creates a flavor blast on every taste bud.

Come and explore South Indian cuisine – a spicy perspective cooked wholeheartedly with love and ultimate passion.