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Foodies are all around the world and they always lookout for something exciting and authentic to try. Talking about popular south Indian dishes; Tapas style Indian menu is consistently winning the heart of many customers. Whether you are wandering for a healthier diet plan or mouth-watering meal, here is a list of delectable dishes prepared with the addition of south Indian spices.


Salmon Mappas



Are you sick and bored with the same dish? Why not jump into the delicious Salmon Mappas for a change in your routine? This non-vegetarian dish will entertain you with its appetizing secrets that make you fall in love with Indian cuisines. A fish is an initial ingredient to start preparing Salmon Mappas’s recipe. It consists of ginger, garlic, chili, specially prepared pepper masala, fennel seeds and of course curry leaves for mesmerizing flavor. The professional presentation is another advantage to mold the dish according to clients’ tastes.


Lamb Cafriel

                                                     Lamb Cafriel

The well-crafted Tapas menu in Edinburgh is ready to serve you Lamb Cafriel. Excellent cooking has been observed by the south Indian chefs. Additionally, they blow the magical fragrance on the lamb cafriel by cooking the cubes of lamb into green chilies, mint and green spinach masala sauce. You won’t be able to have it without your favorite south spices such as salt, pepper, ginger, and garlic. 


Chicken korma

                                              Image result for chicken Korma

You will not resist yourself to have a chicken korma prepared with boneless chicken breast and it mixes in cream and coconut sauce. Apart from chicken, it consists of vegetables and spices to make a thick glaze. Without any doubt, 95% of people find chicken korma fills up empty belly. The freshly prepared naan is the best combination with chicken korma. While reading this, you might feel the water in your mouth. Don’t worry, it obvious with many readers. Dive into the flavor and you will be forced by its savor to say, ‘yes! This is what am looking for’.


The Nilgiri Spice has a huge list of appealing dishes to impress its customers not with pleasant words but with an unexpected meal. Try the piquant food which is made up of aromatic spices of south Indian culture. Moreover, according to your mood, just roll your finger on a menu list and delight food will be on your table.