Are you excited to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019? Edinburgh is in headlines, especially in August for a grand celebration of the fringe festival. Scotland’s capital city, Edinburg plays a significant role to host the world’s biggest art festival.

This ceremony helps you to get rid of the boring schedule and gives you wings to fly high with your passion. An event includes shows, theatre, dance performance, music concert, exhibition, children’s shows and a couple of others. According to the last year's 2018 records, there was a total of 3,548 shows along with 55,000 performances across 317 venues. On this festive time, every year the city is crowded with tourists wandering to soak up some culture.

The award-winning shows, remarkable performances, and stunning locations make the fringe festival unique and number one art and cultural event in the world. With this post, let put some light on the real concepts of this festival.


Dates: 2nd August to 26th August 2019

Unmatchable performances are planned for residential or visitors. This year the 70th anniversary of the fringe festival is going to celebrate with supreme joy and excitement. The programs will go for 3 weeks including theatre, dance, music, comedy and realistic drama. Last year, the 2.8 million tickets were sold, which were beyond anyone’s expectations. And again this year, expectations are touching another horizon.

What is the history behind this celebration?

The festival was first established in 1947 that brought 'high arts' of Edinburgh to come closer and later it grows high and high. Nowadays, huge visitors have visited Edinburgh in the summer season to attend this event. There is no selection procedure if you are willing to take part in this festival.

 Places to enjoy the fringe festival

Food courts:

You won’t be able to taste the occasion properly if you haven’t tried the meal of Authentic South Indian Food Restaurant, Nilgiri Spice in Edinburgh. The festival is full of different flavors and meals to give you unconditional taste.



The nightlife is full of colors and different shades to enjoy your trip at fullest. The clubs and bars are glittering in different tones. If you are ready for commitment, step into this world.

 Performances of Edinburgh:

The performers will set the Edinburgh on fire with electrifying performances. They have the passion to make your cry and laugh with their versatile performances.