Indian food is just something out of this world. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s just say that Indian food definitely stands out of the crowd. It is definitely popular all over the globe, be it any country. From piping hot Idlis and dosas to the very rich Butter Chicken, you can find something for every occasion in the Indian cuisine. Apart from that, it is extremely versatile. Indian food is not only a wonderful combination of delicate flavors and spices, it is also a symphony of different nutrients which make it healthy. Food aficionados across the globe would find something that they absolutely love in Indian cuisine. Having a good, hearty meal from Indian cuisine can be an experience like no other. And rightly so, the food is finger-licking good because of the unique approach to flavoring and aroma. Here are some factors which make Indian food special and unique:


Diversity: Well, of course. India is a country with diverse cultures and a rich history which are both evident in Indian cuisine. The country is so unique and offers so many flavors that every 100kms you move in any direction in India, you’d find a completely different cultural background the previous location. It represents a colorful blend of different cultures and traditions. You can find Idlis, Dosas, flavorful Sambhar and Rasam in the South and Nihari and Butter Chicken towards the North, along with a plethora of varieties of dishes which come in between.

Complexity: In all fairness, Indian dishes are not simple and require a long time to prepare. Some Indian dishes, even require hours of preparation beforehand which is what makes them unique. Take Nihari, for example, it is a dish which is cooked overnight in a bunch of spices. It involves very complicated procedures such as slow-cooking the gravy to ensure that the meat is tender and juicy and pulls apart instantly. Perfecting these techniques is also an art in itself.

Inconsistency: Indian food definitely tastes different everywhere. Whether you order something at a restaurant in south Indian restaurants in Edinburgh UK or elsewhere, you’d find a different flavor and different taste every single time. Indian dishes don’t require you to follow strict measurements, but rather, the cuisine is quite versatile. This inconsistency is what makes it extremely unique and special.


Spices: The spices used in Indian cooking are not powdered. Instead, several dishes such as Biryani require you to add whole spices which add a lovely aroma to it. These spices, when mixed, give a distinct and unique flavor to it. The complicated combination of spices and herbs in Indian cuisine makes the dishes stand out. Unlike several other countries, Indians don’t use the simple procedure of using pre-mixed spices. In fact, most restaurants prefer to make their own spice mixes by powdering them. This rich knowledge of spices and herbs definitely works in their favor and adds a subtle taste in every dish.


If you’re craving for authentic Indian dishes, nothing can go wrong if you step into the best Indian restaurant in Edinburgh!

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