Indian cuisine is a melange of savours and spices. Traditional Indian food is influenced by cultural and linguistic diversity, culinary style, and regional traditions. Every sub-cuisine of traditional Indian cuisine has its own unique take on dishes. we know just how exotic and exciting Indian food is, and both its Northern flavours and the Southern flavours entice the foodies.    

India has a varied and rich food history. Every single region has its own culinary styles that have been fine-tuned over hundreds of years to suit the local palate and to also match the availability of regional produce. Authentic spices define Indian cuisine. Renowned Indian restaurant located in between the city centre and Haymarket Edinburgh, Nilgiri Spice with a vigorous strive brings the traditional Indian flavours to flavoursome fare with abundance and diversity of food choices.  

We serve the South Indian palates of spicy, sweet, hot, and sour savours. Being the finest Indian restaurant in Edinburgh, we realize that there really is a lot to love about the Indian food experience. The flavours of south Indian food are charming and up a notch. We use the real imported spices from the Nilgiri hills to make our food fiery distinct and aromatic. Our team, including our head chef A.Kumar, are from the south of India and they are well-known for their culinary skills. 

Focusing broadly on South Indian dishes, the restaurant’s richly flavoured cooking is complemented by its wonderfully crafted airy interior. The delicacies seasoned with spices have a reason or purpose to be in the dish. The South Indian dishes range from mildly spiced to very spicy depending on the cultural influence. These reasons date back to promote vitality, health, and longevity. We maintain the throughout quality without compromising on distinct and individualized taste.