The food you eat has a huge effect on your health and quality of life. Eating healthy can be fairly simple.

In fact, these trends often distract from the basic nutrition principle that is important. Healthy eating refers to eating a sort of food that gives you the nutrients you need to maintain your health. Dark, oranges, tomatoes, leafy greens, even fresh herbs are loaded with minerals, fibre, and vitamins.

The Nilgiri Spice restaurant tries to add an array of colours to your plate including essential nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Nilgiri Spice is one of the sought-after South Indian Restaurants in Edinburgh serving tasty as well as healthy cuisine as a delight to Edinburgh food lovers.

South Indian food has certain medicinal properties:

?      Easy digestive

?      Rich in fibres

?      High in protein

?      Weight loss benefits

Nilgiri Spice is a family-run restaurant located in the heart of the Scottish capital, on the Tollcross area in between the City Centre and Haymarket. The menu serves everything from Lamb tikka, Mixed starter platter, and Medu vada sambar through to chicken, fish, lamb dishes, seafood, and vegetarian options. The house specials are a must try and when you order make sure you order from our professional chef A. Kumar's signature dishes that will round off any order perfectly!

The restaurant has a huge variety of vegetarian dishes. Most of our vegetarian dishes are vegan-friendly also. Nilgiri Spice is a welcoming and bustling dosa spot in Edinburgh. The fermentation process boosts the nutritional value of fermented foods like dosa and idli and supports good bacteria intake in the body. As the nutritional value increases, the body absorbs more nutrients. Fermented foods also boost your gut health. So, the regular consumption of South Indian cuisine leads to overall good gut health and enhances B vitamins.

Fermented foods cooked in coconut oil and flavoured with real spices imported from the Nilgiri hills of Western Ghats are the original game changer of the cuisine. South Indian food like Dosa, Idli, and Rice-Sambar is the combination of cereal and pulses which improve protein quality and they are the most favourited dishes among vegetarians.