Nilgiri Spice being the name that it is, is famous for its authentic south Indian cuisine. We bring the food of our origin and celebrate the delectability that it provides. We hail from the south Indian state of Kerala where fish, pork, beef are some of the most famous foods. We are on a mission to spread our cuisine as far as we can. Here in Edinburgh, we offer the best of it along with some local dishes. 

We as a South Indian Restaurant have taken our local food and tried to attract our customers with it for a long time. In our long journey as a restaurant, we have seen many people converting to veganism and deciding to quit eating meat. We decided to introduce some new dishes in our menu that are completely vegan. This menu is especially meant for people who don’t enjoy eating meat or any other animal product.

Here is a list of our vegan Indian cuisines:

  1.  Aloo Mutter/Gobi – This dish is made of potatoes, peas or cauliflower and onions with tomato gravy. It has some of the best South Indian spices. 
  2.  Baigarey Baingan – It is a traditional Hyderabadi dish made from eggplants in a rich onion and coconut gravy.
  3.  Bhindi Bhaji Masala – An okra dish cooked with freshly grated coconut, curry leaves, and mild spices.
  4.  Tadka Dal – Lentils cooked with tomatoes, onions, and mild spices and then tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, coriander leaves, garlic cloves, and dry red chili.
  5.  Vegetable Biryani – Long rice flakes cooked inside a huge pot with aromatic curry leaves, mustard seeds, tomatoes, ground spices, and coconut. There a number of vegetables put into this and then cooked on low flame to release the flavour and aroma into it.

We also have some side dishes and starters we would recommend you to try.

  1.  Thoran (Bean and Carrot) – Finely chopped vegetable prepared in traditional Kerala style with onions, coconut, green chilli, and mustard seeds.
  2.  Vegetable Salad – A number of different veggies cut into small pieces and sprinkled with some spice and seasoned with curry and coriander leaves.
  3.  Medu Vada – Ground lentil and spices, shaped into a doughnut and deep-fried. It is served with coconut chutney.
  4.  Idli – Steamed puffy rice cake served with coconut chutney.
  5. Mixed Pakora & Bonda – Pakora is a selection of vegetables mixed with gram flour and spices, finely deep-fried. Bonda is flavoured mashed potato ball dip into gram flour batter and deep-fried. They are served with the sauce of the day. 

We understand that non-vegetarians have a lot of food options available at ease and they are tasty too. But that does not mean vegans cannot enjoy a tasty meal. We try our best to entertain guests of all nature and taste. 

Our commitment to serving the best food that one can enjoy is our motivation. We as a team keep working on the path of progress and not denying any service to our customers. We understand the needs and try to work according to them. Nilgiri Spice is the name that personifies satisfaction and taste. Moreover, when we prepare a dish, we ensure utmost hygiene and no two dishes are mixed in one gravy. Every dish is prepared separately with very high attention to detail. We make sure to provide our customers with hygienic food with great taste.

We invite everyone to come and taste our vegan menu and give us the opportunity to serve your food needs. We make sure that our customers are fully satisfied and full when they leave.