A nostalgic feeling is obvious when native heard of Thattukada outside India. Precisely, it is roadside street food in Kerala, South India, and available during evening & night time. 

A tempting Thattukada menu is served to Edinburgh’s guests by the honored Nilgiri Spice, Best Indian food in Edinburgh. A place is specialized for a gigantic variety of south Indian cuisines and fortunately, the food is cooked by the south Indian chefs.


While reading this blog, many of you might feel something crawling inside your stomach! This can happen because Nilgiri Spice is the hub of South Indian dishes. Here you will experience authentic, healthy and of course, never tasted before the recipe. Without going far, we love to share the Thattukada menu. A menu contains vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to make you feel the vibrant and exclusive cuisines of south India. 


Non-vegetarian Menu: 

Non-vegetarian dishes especially marinated in southern spices are just WOW! You cannot go without tasting it. Chicken and lamp are the most beloved dishes that can decorate your plate. Without wasting another second of your life, let's review the delicious non-veg. dishes of the Thattukada menu. 


Chilli chicken:    

Dry chilli chicken is a worldwide recipe but the real credit goes to who makes it beyond your expectations. The chilli chicken is spicy and sour crispy appetizer made of chicken and ingredients like garlic, chilli sauce, onions, and few green vegetables. Further, add all the ingredients and prepare a dry mixture then add chicken cubes. Keep it on a flame in a pan till it changes its color. At last, the mouth-watering chicken is ready to serve. Apart from chilli chicken, guests can fall in love with other dishes such as chicken vada, chicken tikka, and mixed starter platter. And the best thing, you can afford this under your pocket without paying any hidden charges.


Vegetarian Menu:

Most exotic countries desperate to have non-veg. food but guaranteed once you have tried the vegetarian dishes, literally you will forget any other taste. The dishes like Mixed Pakora & Bonda and chilly Paneer will successfully remove the fever of any other food. All hands down to south Indian cuisines that can wake up your inner feelings with its assorted spices. Additionally, mini idli sambar has got a special preference in the list. Idli Sambar is a prominent meal of southern states. It is not just good in taste but high in protein to give you a healthy routine. Sambar is a thick gravy made up of green vegetables. Moreover, pumpkin is another ingredient used to prepare sambar as it lends a unique and sweet flavor. Here its recipe!


Heat the oil in a pot, add cumin, mustard, and methi to it. After a certain duration, add curry leaves and red chili. Further add veggies that you love to taste, sprinkle sambar powder, pour water, and leave it to cook for a while. Add filtered tamarind and after that mashed dal. 

Eventually, sambar is ready to serve with idli and dosa.         


There are a plethora of reasons to stop at Thattukada menu: favorable food, change in boring schedule and of course affordable price.     

Your order is ready! Just need to jump into the taste and feel the mesmerizing southern spices.