Nilgiri Spice, as the name suggests, is the hub of most authentic Indian spices. Once you taste our food, you will not be able to resist coming back. Why, you ask? Our chefs prepare your food with the most authentic South Indian taste which will entice your taste buds. We import our spices from Nilgiri, India to preserve the savoury feeling of our dishes. Nilgiri spice gives you Indian taste with a local touch so that you don’t miss anything. We are committed to serve our guests with the best possible food. We try to put forth the humongous variety of food that Indian cuisine has to offer.

If you wonder why we praise the South Indian food, let us tell you. The people of the southern part of India are foodies of a different level. Their dishes have an amazing taste along with many health benefits. Most of the food is cooked in natural oils and you don’t see the oil floating all over the bowl. Besides, you cannot resist the crispy Dosa with sloppy chutney, softness of Idli and that mouth-watering taste of sambhar with curry leaves to enhance its taste and a sprinkle of coriander on the top. The mixed flavour of dried herbs will bewitch your taste buds. If you want to have tasty yet healthy food, then Nilgiri spice is the place for you. Most of the spices that we use originate in the hills of Nilgiri, the southern part of India. You can rely on us for the authentic South Indian food along with a collection of world-class wine.


Why Do We Claim To Be The Best?

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Nothing can beat an evening with good company, good food and drinks. We provide with these things at our best. Our friendly staff will go the extra mile to make you feel at home while dining. Our ambience with food, drinks and some live music adds a feather to our hat.

Such a gem to visit, as reviewed by a new customer, we try to provide with best and the most authentic flavour that can possibly be put in your food. We have maintained a very high standard as the food is prepared with unmatched safety and hygiene standards. Our executive chef A Kumar has been a professional chef for the last 25 years. He has extensive experience in South Indian cuisine. The main highlight is the magic recipe of our chef and his team while successfully maintaining the quality. Our chef with his team is fully capable of handling incoming orders even during peak hours or days. They consistently work on experimenting with new dishes and new combinations.

Enough said, let us tell you why people love coming back to us:

Ambience – The mood of the restaurant is always lit with food, booze and music. You can come here to relax your mood with our extra-ordinary collection of drinks. The attractive interiors of our restaurant will leave you flabbergasted. As soon as you enter you will feel like you’ve entered some place beyond this world. The aroma of the food floating in the air will feel pleasant to your nostrils and the staff greeting you with so much humbleness will make you feel welcomed.

Thattukada Menu – Our menu has a variety of dishes and you will feel your stomach growling just by reading the names of the dishes. Our vast variety of food may take a while to choose from, but you can rest assured to get what you expect upon ordering. Our staff handles your food with utmost care. We can also assure you about the quality of food; it is prepared in the most hygienic environment possible.

We specialize in South Indian cuisine and we are proud of the food that we put on your table. The Thattukada menu contains vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It is street food available during the evening and night time. Non-veg marinated in South Indian Spices are just amazing and quite hard to resist. All the fish, prawns, crabs etc will fill your mouth with water just by looking at them; you can imagine the taste when you put it inside your mouth.

The non-veg may look delicious but vegetarian food is not much behind. Once you try the Mixed Pakoda, Chilly Paneer etc., they will not fail to leave you wanting for more. They are to vegetarians what prawns and crabs are to non-vegetarians.


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We have a fully licensed bar and bring your own booze system. We stock a variety of the finest quality wines, champagnes, and other exquisite drinks. Beer is available at the tap, everything that goes with the spicy nature of our food. And is there anything greater than a combination of good food and good wine along with some live music.

For a truly memorable dining experience, food and drinks are paired thoughtfully with the ambience and mood.

Festive Season Specials

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In this part of the year, as Christmas nears, we have prepared some special Christmas menu for our customers. We are sure all your plans are ready, but will you the grand gala anywhere? We guess not. What better place to celebrate it than a place that offers you great food and has a great collection of booze.

As a restaurant with authentic south Indian food and a great collection of drinks, we have a lot to offer you this festive season. We have an extra grand banquet for your extra grand celebrations. We also have dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting for more.

You can arrange themed parties, fun games and surprises for your guests. All in all, we have everything that you would love to be there on your Christmas menu.

We are available with all this fun all year round; you don’t need to go anywhere else.

In our noble attempt to introduce the world to various Indian dishes and the richness of the food culture of India, this is a small step. We still have a long path to travel and we will ensure that we keep on serving our guests with the authentic taste of South India.