You’ve probably wondered what goes into Indian curries and gravies which makes them oh-so-spicy and aromatic. The key, my friend, is in the secret stash of spices that Indians have. The humble box which looks simple and plain as ever contains the most fragrant spices. Apart from that, the Indian cuisine is not merely composed of a couple of dishes. It revolves around a plethora of different cultures and dates back to the rich Indian History. The handful of spices that Indians use are no less than warriors on a battlefield. They add a very nice touch to the dishes, making them taste like nothing you’re ever tasted before. Well, if you’ve had food at the best Indian restaurant in Edinburgh and can’t put a finger on what went inside the dishes, here are some well-known Indian spices which instantly take the dish to another level:


Chilli Powder: Derived from the finest chillies, this red-colored powder, if added too much has the power to ruin a perfect dish. This hot spice can instantly uplift the flavor of any dish and add a beautiful color to it as well. This adds to the glory of Indian spices. Chilli powder is definitely versatile and can be used in a plethora of different ways.

Turmeric: Turmeric Powder is a wonderful ingredient which is not only a great way to add some color and dimension to the dish but it also possesses gear antibacterial properties. It is perfect if you suffer from indigestion. Just take a pinch of it and add it to warm milk. These properties are another reason why it is used in the everyday Indian cooking. This spice can also be used externally in order to treat cuts, burns and marks. It’s anti-inflammatory properties make it the perfect cure for pesky pimples and acne. The vibrant and bright yellow color from the spice instantly takes a dish to another level.


Black Pepper: Black pepper is used in a large number of dishes which originate from the South. Soups which a pinch of black pepper can shoo away a pesky cold. Not only does it have antibacterial properties but it is also a great spice to aid in weight loss.


Cardamom: This is another versatile spice which is not only used in spicy curries and gravies, but it is also used to enhance the flavor of sweets. The exotic and unique flavor of the spice take any dish to another level. This is a secret ingredient which is commonly used in Biryani and a number of chicken-based gravies.

Dried Coriander Powder: This powder is used as a base for numerous chicken-based gravies. It adds dimension to any dish and enhances the flavor. It also has several health benefits. It is known to aid in weight loss and also relieve you from gastrointestinal issues. This spice adds a kick of flavor to any dish. Despite having a delicate and subtle taste, it can uplift the flavor of any dish instantly.