You can frequently guess which part of the world a person comes from by what they love to eat. But originally, its more complex to examine the truth. The same case is considered when talks about spices enrich country, India.

The ancient times had great emphasis on vegetarian diets that were healthy diet plan and easy to digest with the addition of vegetables, pulses and curing spices. In later time, food was influenced by the traders, colonizers and refugees. The south Indian food has its special heritage importance that highlights a menu of Indian food.

Kerala is known for an abundance of seafood, coconut and spices. It's a south Indian state where vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are over heat with a mesmerizing taste of spices. The famous non-vegetarian food includes red meat and fish and very often used ingredients are chillies, mustard seeds, turmeric and curry leaves to enhance a quantity of fragrance. Kerala is the 'land of spices'. It's popular for a wide variety of spices available to expand the interest of many tourists.

These days, a trend is formed to establish authentic south Indian food Restaurant in Edinburgh and Nilgiri Spice is an example of that. To serve dishes, same rituals are followed that carried out at the native place. Waiters are well dressed in a traditional outfit of Kerala. To get a feel of o-so-spicy is only possible when you order Kerala famous dishes. It hails from a rich Indian culture.

When you enter into any south Indian restaurant, you might not able to put a finger on just single dish, you want to taste everything lists out in a menu booklet. The reason you can’t resist yourself to taste is the famous Kerala spices. Here is a list of Kerala spices that make the dish edible:


The turmeric powder is an amazing ingredient plus it has antibacterial properties. It's a great way to add some color in your dish and makes it just WOW. It's a bright yellow color powder and strongly influenced if you have indigestion problem. Just add a pinch of turmeric into warm water, it will heal the issue.


The chili is available into powder or solid form. It adds in a required quantity just to enhance the flavor of your dish. The excess amount of red chili in a dish will devastate it. The red hot or fried chilly can be used as a garnishing item over your plate. All chefs have a different style to use it like dry chilly can be broken into pieces to spread over a dish.

Black pepper:

It's like a common ingredient that applies in almost all Kerala or other south Indian dishes. Same as turmeric powder, it has antibacterial properties along with weight loss benefit. The hot soup with Black pepper in cold will give you a pleasant feel and healthy lifestyle. 

The authentic south Indian food  is incomplete without incredible Kerala spices. The Indian spices are definitely raised up and enlarge the taste of your meal.